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Buccaneer Group & Northwich Schoolwear have been supplying local schools and organisations with Leavers Hoodies for many years building on the existing relationships we already have from being a premium supplier of school uniform.

We work closely with School Business Managers, Parent Volunteers and PTA Groups to get the right solution for your pupil cohort.

We expertly avoid the pitfalls of sizes, colours and spelling mistakes from years of experience! Don’t worry, if we don’t supply your school uniform we will gladly work with you on your Leavers Hoodie project.


Prices start at £17.50 per hoodie including the school logo embroidered front left breast and the year rear print design printed on the rear. Adult sizes are available at £20.40. Usually a minimum order of 25 is required to secure these prices, if you have less than this quantity please don’t hesitate to contact us for sur-charge costs – usually £1 extra per hoodie depending on exact quantity. Additional customisations or variations from the standard front left breast embroidery and rear print such as individual initials or names can be priced on a case by case accordingly.

Artwork & Order

If you want to proceed simply email sales@bucc.group with your contact details, ultimately we will need a full list in three simple columns: First Name / Size / Colour, and an indication of any preferred rear print design. We will always paste the names you type from any email text or spreadsheet and use that spelling in the artwork, so please check at this stage.

Once we have all this information an artwork proof will be produced for your approval, please check spellings again at this stage.


Designs Each year we try to provide a fresh and unique choice of designs for you to choose from, a sample of which are shown below

Mistakes & Omissions

It happens every year when one hoodie or child gets accidentally missed off the list, we’ll work with you to make sure everyone is kept happy and get’s their hoodie and will always offer you that personal service in trying to correct any issues.


We have access to a wide variety of hoodie types, colours and manufacturers, our standard hoodie is 280gsm weight made by Uneek and available in 10 colours with sizing samples available on request. The sizing chart is as below:

Get In Touch

To Enquire about our Leavers Hoodies range please contact us:

01606 212817 or email: schoolwear@bucc.group

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